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Concept Releases

MusicVenture catches trends in time and interpret them through the musical universe of Klaus Schønning in a combination with selected current topics. With a broad experience combined with insight into trends and a feel for the spirit of the time MusicVenture has released several concept releases with different themes. MusicVenture has specialized in musical releases to the growing interest in wellness, relaxation and inspiration from instrumental compositions as a concept theme.
Latest concept release from MusicVenture – titled “Spirit of Sports” - catches various moods of the sporting world and specific sports.


New PR and presentation opportunities for companies, products, brands and events.
Soundbranding - a new dimension and a new way of reaching key markets and key customers through instrumental quality music and compositions.

MusicVenture and Klaus Schønning presents unique opportunities of creating specialized productions and products based on instumental keyboard music - for the wellness industry, sports, events, companies, coaching and other presentation and PR opportunities.