About MusicVenture.  


MusicVenture is a partnership with roots from the global sports- and leisure industry and professional experience with international branding, consumer trends and strategic marketing. The core product of MusicVenture is development and innovation based on the music, compositions and talents of Klaus Schønning.

Through 30 years Klaus Schønning has created his own musical universe. He released his first album “Lydglimt” (Glimpses of Sound) in 1979. Since then, he has composed, recorded and produced 23 solo albums ,while also composing music for movies and special events and performing with the Pink Floyd inspired Danish band ” The North”. The music of Klaus Schønning is an instrumental universe of symphonic built melodies, which tickle our imagination and leave room for our fantasy. Through the years his music has moved between fantasy and reality - inspired by myths, magic, fairytales and nature.
Before releasing the CD “Fairytales” in 2005 Klaus Schønning decided to seek new paths with his music through his partnership in MusicVenture – a company where croosbranding and cooperation with other industries opens new opportunities and new inspiration for his work as well as for clients to MusicVenture.

MusicVenture explores new borders, international network and global partnerships realizing that success on the global market comes with innovative and creative new concepts.
Nothing happens – unless first a dream.