Ste van Holm

“Where genres are not challenged, they cannot be defined. Where definitions are not available, a challenge will.”

Stefan Holm, born 1977 in Copenhagen, is a Danish musician and composer. His musical upbringing came from British rock acts of the 70s like Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Genesis and Peter Gabriel, Brian Eno and King Crimson, but also from electronic acts like Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk and Klaus Schønning himself.

Stefan has accomplished 8 solo releases under the name Ste van Holm. The genres ranges from progressive rock to pop, disco, ambient and industrial music. In 2015 Stefan gained huge recognition in Croatia, when he made a concept album about Nikola Tesla.

Furthermore, Stefan has released 6 collaboration albums, including collaboration with Klaus Schønning, and he has assisted in the making of albums by Michael Falch, Big Fat Snake, Mike Tramp and more.

Stefan is also directing the visuals of his own and Klaus Schønning’s music, and has created the shortfilms ‘Traumfestival’ and ‘Die Intonatore’, which features the german band Einstürzende Neubatuen. Furthermore he has directed music videoes for King Crimson’s Trey Gunn.


Ste van Holm Thaw

Thaw (2019)

Ste van Holm

Thaw is a cinematic journey centered around the landscape and culture of the worlds largest island, Greenland. It has become a cliché to describe music like this as ‘a soundtrack for a film, thas hasn’t been made’, however, in this case the description may be fitting.

Based on mannipulated field recordings, ‘Thaw’ contains calving glaciers, howling wolves, vlf radio recordings of auroras plus the sound of a B52 bomber flying overhead. This of course in addition to more traditional instruments like electric guitars and analogue synthesizers.

Ste van Holm Illustions

Illusions (2015)

Ste van Holm

Illusions can be regarded as Tesla’s fraternal twin. Though written at the same time, Illusions is neither stylistically nor thematically related to Tesla.

The principal recording commenced immidiatly after the conclusion of the Tesla sessions, and in an unusual move the tracks were released one track a month from april to september 2016.

An instrumental version of the track ‘Connect the Dots’ were used as theme music for the documentary series ‘Når 2 køn ikke er nok’ (When two sexes aren’t enough) on danish national television.

Ste van Holm Tesla

Tesla (2015)

Ste van Holm

A progressive rock album, describing the life of inventor Nikola Tesla.

The Drake Equation (2014)

Klaus Schønning and Ste van Holm

A reinterpretation/remix of Klaus Schønning’s Papua New Guinea soundtrack.

Ste van Holm Harvest

Harvest (2012)

Ste van Holm

Nine hand played rock songs with vocals, acoustic drums, electric guitars and the Hammond organ in focus. The 1970ies music scene did not pass in vein.